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EthioPay offers a convenient and safe way to pay your loved ones’ bills from anywhere in the world.

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Bill Reminders

EthioPay sends convenient bill reminders so you never miss a bill payment again.

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Secure Payments

EthioPay uses bank-grade security so you know your funds and transactions are always secure.

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Why choose Ethiopay?

Ethiopay operates a flexible, tightly regulated, global payout platform. This enables you to automate your user payments flow, pay less for your transactions, access flexible online reports, guarantee the integrity of all your payment traffic, ensure your payments go through as planned….the list goes on.

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Do you have familiy in Ethiopia? Do you want to get their bills covered? We've the solution to guarantee the payment of the bills. Create your account, request for the bill in our system and pay it. As simple as that!

How does Ethiopay works?

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Pay education & utility bills back home with Ethiopay

Paying utility and school fees is an important way of empowering your loved ones back home. Whether you are in North America or Europe, Ethiopay offers an easy and reliable way to do this. In addition, you can opt to set up scheduled payments so the payments are made at the beginning of each school term or any other time frame your choose.

About EthioPay

As Ethiopians ourselves, we set out to build Ethiopay as a platform that meets the payment needs of Ethiopians in the diaspora. While other platforms are a one-size-fits-all, Ethiopay isn’t. We support the unique payment needs of Ethiopians including payments for school fees, telecom, utility bills and other needs that are close to your heart. Our vision is a future where Ethiopians in the the diaspora touch the lives of those back home through easy, secure and seamless payments. To achieve this, we are on a mission to build the most reliable payments platform serving Ethiopians in the world. We want to make it so easy for you to send money home that your loved ones will feel as though you were right there with them.